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The Boys

Southeast Iowa's premier country band. Our high energy entertainment is exactly what you're looking for for your next event!


Self titled debut album now available!

11 tracks including Playing With Fire, Friday Night and Worn. All played regularly on a few local radio stations. Get your copy today... then get it autographed!! Also available digitally wherever you buy your digital music! Scroll down and you can purchase it right here!


Singer/ lefty guitar player/ troubadour

Since joining The Boys in 2015 Lee has quickly established himself as a dynamic frontman. He strongly adds to the group's harmony and energy. 

Drummer, singer, guitar, bass, piano... music God 

After several years in several popular bands Kevin has found his calling with The Boys. His vast experience on and off the stage are intricate to the success of the band. 

Singer/ songwriter acoustic guitar player

The only original member of the band left. Adam established The Boys in 2013 and since then he has written the bulk of the band's original tunes. He sets the band apart from the competition with his ability to interact with the crowd. 

Bassist/ vocalist

Jarod is the newest member of The Boys. He's been with us for a year as our sound technician... then he showed us his talent on the bass and we haven't looked back

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