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Behind Playing With Fire

Playing with Fire was my third song I wrote. I was wooing my now wife. I wanted an upbeat way to tell her how I felt. Having never written a song for or inspired by anyone before it was a trip! My personal favorite line in the song is the first and last line. "She makes me forget all the words." The inspiration for the line came from her dancing up to the stage while I was performing and shooting me a little seductive smile. Whatever song we happened to be playing, I completely forgot where I was. It took me half the song to get back on track. She literally made me forget all the words. The rest of the song came together in pieces. I had a pretty good idea the chorus would end with you can't let go of a live wire before playing with fire. Thinking back to my younger days, we used to grab the electric fence on the seams of your fingers so you don't get shocked. However, if you missed your fingers wrapped around the wire. Thankfully it's on a pulse so you get to let go... with a harsh lesson in electricity. No one said we were smart kids. Of course the bulk of the song refers to her personally. How a touch makes my day. How her kiss makes me forget the aches and pains. I didn't neglect the idea she drives me crazy... she does it for sport these days!! Of course if you listen to many of our songs you'll notice I reference brown eyes a lot... I think you can figure out why. Now I can't say with 100% certainty writing a song for her is why she kept me around, but it didn't hurt. That's why I wrote 4 more... just to be sure. We'll talk about Dirty in a later blog

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