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Behind Whatcha Think About That

This is the first and so far only song we've written together. It's kind of an interesting story how it got to where it is today. So the only real way to write this blog is how the song was written... together but separately...

So, as the song started, we'll start with Adam's part of the song. Originally the song was called "Getting Down With The Boys" (original lyrics are in the picture and will be included at the end of this blog). It was written in a different key and a different chord structure. It almost had a Cole Swindel feel... didn't hurt that it was written in a structure Cole is pretty fond of in his works (pretty similar to "Chillin it" but not quite). When I brought it to the band I had a feeling there would need to be a few changes to make it fit our sound. Almost immediately we kind of agreed that using the phrase "getting down with the boys" pretty much made it an anthem for the band whether that's how it was intended or not. Very few bands can pull off such a feat! Bad Company is the only one that comes to mind that has found any success in that area. Now this is also around the time Lee came up with his first song for the band "Friday Night". I remember he called me up to play "Friday Night" for me right about the time I had "finished" my song. There were several similarities to the songs lyrics (tailgates, bonfires etc). When the band had both songs in front of them we decided to focus on "Friday Night" and I could try to work on my song in the meantime. Fast forward a few week I had pretty much moved passed it. I wrote "Tore Up" (a song I am currently tweaking so maybe it could be on our third album) and "Dirty" within a couple days of each other and both went over well with the band so "GDWTB" was pretty much an after thought with all the competition Lee and I were giving it. Every now and then I would take out my notebook and guitar and try to see what I could do to "fix" my song. It had solid verses. In fact the verses are pretty much still in tact to what they were from the beginning minus a few slight changes in the second verse. Eventually I decided that all I needed to do was change the theme of the song. Over a few hours I rewrote the chorus and renamed the song. Same chord structure, same feel, but I changed a few key words to make it a party on a backroad... which is what it was renamed "Party on a Backroad". This one went over with the band quite a bit better but it still didn't get a lot of love being a middle of the road, hard to dance to song. Yeah you could sway to it but... that's not our normal style. We performed it a handful of times... ok, maybe three times. It was a dance floor killer... no bueno... Once again it went on the backburner... in fact it went further than that. We basically washed our hands of it entirely. I felt like maybe it could just be a B track on an album if we ever got that far (which we clearly have) It died... DOA. That is until...

Lee stepped in-

We decided to try and write together. Both having success writing solo it was only natural to try one together. I felt like I had something to offer this song, so we sat down and started writing. The first thing we did was change the chord progression to give it a little more upbeat feel. Then we designed the alternating lines so we could give it depth. I really didn't write anything for the verses, I merely moved a few lines around to make it a duo. Then we gave the chorus some Whoas and Adam gave it a tag line. Together we assembled the bridge using half the chord structure and there it is. The damn things been stuck in my head for years now.

*Getting Down with the Boys Chorus

Get your party on with a country song everybody's singin' along

We're feelin' good, feelin' right

baby you look sexy in this cornfield in the moonlight

Keep that bonefire goin, keep the cold beer flowin'

all the cowgirls makin' noise

and getting down with the boys

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