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Getting Dirty

When I told my wife I wanted to write a song about dirty women, she might have rolled her eyes at me a little. I told her the idea was more about her willingness to get dirty. Like I say in the first verse of the song, she's not afraid of turning a wrench, she's a damn good cook (my waist size is proof of that) and she'll even throw some hay... sometimes... she says she has an allergy to hay. Honestly I think she just likes wearing me out!! Side note, that is a serious chore. We only have two horses to feed but we try to load up before winter so we have plenty to get us through. So it's not unreasonable to get 100+ bales at a time. That would be a big enough pain as is, however there is no good way to get the hay to the storage shed. We're forced to unload the bales up by our driveway, then walk them down the hill, then over the fence and finally into the shed. All for horses I don't ride(she does)!! She usually throws bales off the trailer to me to carry the rest of the way. Good thing I did a little baling as a kid so I kinda know what I'm in for. Ok ok... back on track... so as I'm writing this Julie is making Sunday supper... leftovers... she's in sweatpants and one of my hoodies. Her hair is down, her glasses are on and not a trace of makeup on her. Sexy!! I mean that too... but if you've ever seen her out, her hair is perfect, she is all dolled up in some cute outfit with her contacts in. She's smoking hot... I see the guys looking... some of the girls too. I'm not the jealous type though. I know who is taking her home... and I know she's going to sleep the entire way even though she swears she'll stay awake to keep me company... weird that she brought her pillow and blanket to stay awake with though... So that pretty much covers the first verse and chorus although I feel I should say the first draft of the song didn't have the line about her dancing in her bare feet... because she doesn't... except in our kitchen. Also in the original draft the song wasn't called dirty. It was dirty girl. I can't remember the exact phrasing but I eventually changed it to what it is today. I keep the original notebook paper I used to write most of my songs, that one escapes me. Maybe I'll find it in a notebook someday and then we'll know. Anyway... that pretty much covers the first verse and chorus... so on to second verse. When I wrote the song Julie had a lifted F250 diesel. It was ridiculous. Even with the running boards that lowered, it was a struggle to get in it. It shook like the space shuttle upon reentry to the atmosphere on its stiff shocks and oversized mud tires. It's the kind of truck you see the rich kid drive to high school because mommy and daddy bought it for him. Now, before you judge, she bought it herself, at a great price (expert negotiator) and the idea was it was big enough to handle the horse trailer fully loaded and any other chores we might run into. That leads me to the first line in the second verse. One way we choose to unwind in our freetime is to take the boat to the lake and throw one another off the floating couch (I can't think of what it's called to save my life) that we're towing behind the boat. She made it a point that she wanted to back the boat down the ramp into the water. Mostly because she wants to be responsible and she knows I'm busy a lot so she better know what she's doing when no one's there to help. The biggest issue is the truck dwarfed the boat so you couldn't see it. Add to that we might have the world's worst boat trailer for backing. It is almost impossible to keep straight. (I used to drive a semi so I kinda have an idea of what I'm talking about). Sometimes it would go "smooth" but more often than not it was a struggle and humorous. Side note, our Sierra 2500 does much better since it has the rear camera and its not a monster truck. So that's what I'm talking about when I say it's fun to watch her back it up... well that and I kinda like her butt. That brings us to the end of the verse... we don't have a hay loft and nothing about rolling in hay sounds good to me so... that was just what fit in the song and it adds a separate meaning for "dirty."

That pretty much leaves me with the bridge and that is pretty self explanatory. I love everything about this woman... clean, dirty or in between. There you

have it. It's easily one of my favorite songs I've written. I feel like it's the best song I've written for her (so far) and I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

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